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We Train Talent for
Professional Excellence & Success
 in the Field of Cybersecurity 

Are you a BAIs Yaakov Graduate looking to challenge your mind and use your talents to earn a high salary?



Live online interactive intensive one-year cybersecurity course. Weekly 5 hour classes on Sundays, assignments and additional labs throughout the week (10-20 weekly hours).

The course prepares students for internationally recognized certifications in the field.  


CyberWise includes partnerships with international cybersecurity companies to give our students hands-on experience through office based and remote internships.

Internship Pathways:

  • Red Team - Offensive

  • Blue Team - Defensive

  • Incident Response

  • Compliance

  • Threat Intelligence Research

  • Information Security Management



CyberWise includes one-on-one career consultation, help with resume/CV development and interview workshops.  CyberWise includes job placement assistance through its network of industry mentors & advisors. 


Graduates work as:

  • SOC Analysts 

  • Pentesters

  • Cyber Threat Researchers

  • Incident Responders

  • Technical Sales Engineers

  • Compliance Specialists

  • vCISOs

Programming Console

Cyber team

CyberWise instructors are chosen from Israel’s leading cyber companies and IDF cyber warfare and defense units, including members of the charedi community. 

Management Team

Graduates work in these leading international companies

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CyberWise Mission

CyberWise Mission

Provide Knowledge & Training 

CyberWise was created by Tzomet to enable talented individuals from all over the world to gain the knowledge and training they need to break into cybersecurity and thrive as leading professionals in this growing field.

Empower for Success

CyberWise is not just a training program or an education. It is a personal growth pathway, tailored for the religious Jewish community, leading to satisfying placement in this lucrative and prestigious field, professional success and personal empowerment.

Leverage Individual's

CyberWise's management team are experts in identifying individual's intellectual and personality strengths and teach students to capitalize on these assets towards professional self-realization and success in the workplace.

Tel-Arm is a cybersecurity company owned and operated since 2011 by the same management team as Tzomet and CyberWise.  It provides outsourced and in-house cybersecurity services in the full range of information security.  CyberWise students have the opportunity to gain exposure and experience via Tel-arm’s endeavors.


I think that what’s special about Cyberwise is that the management team works closely with cyber companies to provide background materials and specific skills that the employers are looking for.   


Mrs. Ratner gave me personal guidance to choose a specific path in the world of cybersecurity which was a great fit for my personality, as well as the soft skills to get the job.


Working online with other like-minded students in mastering the material, gave me a sense of community and enriched the total educational experience.


The classes were on a professional level, enjoyable, but also demanding.  The instructors were helpful in giving us the knowledge & confidence we needed to overcome obstacles along the way.   


Tzomet has been serving the Jewish community since 2009 by guiding its clients in career development, creating pathways and providing professional training leading to self-fulfillment and earning a sustainable living. Tzomet has thousands of satisfied clients who are working in the global employment marketplace.  

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