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Hire Our Alumni

CyberWise provides international companies with qualified and trained cybersecurity professionals who demonstrate excellence, knowledge, hands-on experience, and will help your company grow and succeed.

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Knowledge & Expertise

The CyberWise program specializes in preparing graduates to fill professional roles such as:

SOC analysts

Incident Responders

Red Team


GRC specialists

Threat Researchers

Awareness Trainers

You can hire our graduates or choose a pre-hiring internship track, to get to know our alumni through the particulars of your work environment. 


  1. Selective acceptance policies & screening of candidates

  2. CyberWise alumni are blue chip human capital who are hard working, task driven, self-learning, who value professional stability and commitment to excellence. 

  3. Comprehensive training across a range of disciplines within the data security field


Andrew, VP HR

Cyberwise graduates have helped our company thrive through their loyalty and readiness to work hard. They have shown persistence in overcoming obstacles to get the job done. 

yair, CEO

We have made a management decision to hire only Cyberwise graduates for our team of cyber researchers, due to their broad knowledge and training, and their thirst for continued learning. 

katia, CEO

Cyberwise graduates are a reliable source of blue chip human resources.  They are dedicated to the success of our company and demonstrate excellent self- learning capabilities and intellectual power.

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