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The course consists of over 700 hours, comprised of live online interactive classes, once a week for five hours on Sundays, and 10-20 weekly hours of self-study and completion of homework assignments. 

The course includes the foundation for international certifications in the cyber industry, such as CEH, Comptia Security+  and others.

CyberWise includes tests, labs, technical cyber challenges, resource libraries, and projects which can be leveraged in one’s professional portfolio.

Students are given the opportunity to interact throughout the week with faculty and their peers via Slack, an internet based work sharing platform, to provide support and answers to questions.  

All of the classes are recorded and available for the students to review as part of their studies.  

CyberWise introduces students to a professional work environment and keeps them abreast of developments in the cybersecurity field. 

Cyberwise includes internship opportunities, which continue the hands-on learning of the program with real companies who are hiring entry level professionals.     


  • How do I know if the CyberWise course is for me?
    If you are smart, hard working and interested in technology, then it is for you.
  • Are there prerequisites to enroll?
    There is a logic test to qualify for the course and a personal interview.
  • Do you need to know computer programming to take the course?
    Knowledge of programming is a plus, but not required.
  • How long is the course?
    CyberWise is a one year live online program consisting of weekly meetings, tests, homework labs & projects.
  • I am in mid-career, is it possible to re-train for cybersecurity?"
    CyberWise has had great success in re-training professionals from a variety of fields to integrate into the industry.
  • Which certification will I get at the end of the course?
    Students receive CyberWise certification upon completion of all the requirements of the course in addition to being prepared for third party international certification such as CEH, Security+ and Networking+.
  • I have an internet filter and want to work in a frum atmosphere, can that work?"
    Yes, we believe in filtered internet and finding an appropriate work environment in keeping with each student’s values. Our experience in placing graduates proves the success of this approach.
  • How much does the course cost?
    Tuition is $8,900 USD payable in installments. Financial aid available according to availability & qualification. There is an additional 1,000 NIS Non-refundable Registration Fee, which guarantees your place in the course.
  • Why should I study in CyberWise?
    CyberWise is distinguished by: Quality of education & comprehensive curriculum Hands-on experience Group dynamic, shared values & peer support Placement assistance Reputation of CyberWise in the international cybersecurity community
  • When does the next course start? How do I register?
    There are fall and winter cohorts. To apply, Click Here
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